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So about us...

We are Jennifer and Marko Vergin from the (so-called) "poet quarter" in Mahlow who borders directly on the south of Berlin. Here we live since 2005.
Originally we are from Berlin-Steglitz (Jennifer) and Borgsdorf (Marko).
Our first cats Flecky and Spiky are living here since the end of August 2008 and were a wedding anniversery gift for Marko.

Since November 2008 Gloria and Grace live with us. It was love at first sight. Unfortunately we castrated these two charming beings at the age of 9 months because we didn't thought about breeding.

This was the beginning of our Norwegian-"passion". Prefer I would like to have all these sweet "furnoses" here but it wouldn't be fair due to our "babes". But one should come definitely into the House. Marko wished a tri-colored...

In the summer of 2009, we got a call from Gloria's and Grace's "rear-father". He would have one eighth litter with two tri-coloured girls. Fast was clear to us, it shall be the one.
About same time a friend of us bought there a cat, too. But unfortunately she got an allergy to the cute kitty.
Of course we didn't hesitate for a long time. Therefore little Hexi moved, in arrangement with the breeder, at x-mas into our house. Because we didn't wanted that hexi goes back into this cattery.

Shortly thereafter we could pick up our tri-coloured little girl Bussi.
At the end of 2010 we were searching for an own stud. This way we found the little Quayla. She was just perfect. The wonderful blotched-tabby and beautyful amber colour. Simply a dream. The perfect long, straight profile and the wonderful lynx-tufts, etc.
Originally Mrs. Bischof wanted to keep Quayla herself. But nice talking together finally have made up Mrs. Bischof's mind and so we could pick up Quayla.
Many thanks once again for your great confidence, Mrs. Bischof!

After a long search Prinz Valium (nickname: PiVi) moved in at summer of 2011. So we have our own stud. He is such a wonderful, lovely, cuddly and very playful boy.